Sunday, April 23, 2017

46 Baby Chicks

I hatched 46 chicks using the incubator last week.  Here are some pictures of the newest little ones around The Painted Hen coop.  We'll keep a few and the rest will be found new homes.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Time

Strawberry has become quite the snuggler and likes to nap on my lap.  
The incubator is full and we should have baby chicks any day now!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Enjoying The Warm Weather

The weather has been so nice lately.  The chickens are so happy that the grass is growing since they eat a lot it! 

 The kids and I spread a blanket under the trees the other day and fed the chickens sunflower seeds and watched them go about their chicken business.

 Even Polly the poodle enjoyed watching the chickens.

Hurray for Spring!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Beautiful Eggs

No need to dye eggs this Easter. We have so many colors of eggs that they're ready for the Easter Egg hunt right after they're hard boiled!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Recent Chicken Happenings

 Pretty eggs from our colorful hens.

 Brooklyn decided that January was the perfect time to raise a family.  She successfully hatched 8 chicks and is a very good mother.
 A few of the chicks got to travel with me to high school one day. The students had the option of sketching one of the chicks.
 The chicks were quite a hit with the students.

 One talented art student sketched one of the chicks. Amazing.

 Here are the babies almost 4 weeks later. They grow so quickly.

This morning I went to the feed store and came home with 10 new babies.  Seven are Cuckoo Marans and 3 are Buff Orpingtons.  I have them set up in the maternity ward with a heat lamp.

The fig tree is still a favorite hang out even in the winter when there are no leaves.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Pictures

 Nicholas (Blue Copper Marans)

 Ameraucana pullet
 Diana (blue andalusian)

 The pullets hatched in May

 Chief Crazy Feather (black copper marans)
 Nicholas (the boy loves his close ups)

 Sterling (silver leghorn)

 Misty (Easter Egger/Marans X pullet hatched in May)

 This young rooster needs a name.  Any suggestions??  He's an Ameraucana cockerel.

 Pullet chicks on parade

 Matthew (buff orpington)

 Fluffy (Easter Egger hen)

A few of our hens were determined to sit and hatch eggs recently.  We now have 5 newly hatched babies under Winnie and Delores.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Flock Update

It sure is busy around here with all of these new babies.  I'm thrilled to report that they're all doing very well.  We lost one of our outside babies but otherwise, we haven't lost a single other baby.  So that makes 69 chicks on our property! Yikes!  (We'll be selling the ones we decide not to keep before adding them to the flock.) 

Here's a video I took this weekend of a few of the babies with one of the mothers (DC).  These babies are 2 weeks old now and are quite adventurous!

 The rest of the chickens have been very good with the babies.

Now that the fig tree has leafed out (and Jon put our old bench under it), it is the most popular nap spot in the yard.  It stays nice and cool under there and the tree offers great protection against aerial predators.

The chicks in the garage brooders are growing as well.

 The Ameraucanas and Barnevelder pullets are 3 weeks old today.  They're growing fast!

I'm feeding both sets of chicks from my hand daily in hopes of taming them.  Their favorite is mashed hard boiled egg... as you can tell.  It's total chaos when I lower my hand with egg. 
 The 37 babies from the incubator (plus the 9 from Mavis's abandon nest) are about 10 days old now.
 They're getting their wing feathers are starting to act more like big kids instead of new, sleepy babies.

They like the branch I put in their baby pool brooder.  It gives them something to do other than eat and sleep all day.... not that there's anything wrong with that....if you're a baby chick.